Fields of practice

SCA Ros & Associates provides advice, assistance and representation in diverse areas of practice, with our lawyers having extensive experience in litigation and commercial arbitration.

Commercial arbitration, as an alternative dispute resolution method arising from contracts concluded by entrepreneurs, represents a viable solution for achieving a timely resolution of the contentious situation. Through the parties’ agreement, the dispute can be resolved through special and modern rules, by arbitrators chosen by the parties, within an ad-hoc arbitration or organized by the International Commercial Arbitration Court attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

Professionalism, loyalty, and consistency. Every legal issue is important to us, whether we assist our clients in negotiation procedures or represent them in disputes related to property rights and its divisions, or in connection with obligations arising from contracts.

Despite its relative youth, intellectual property regulation has undergone a spectacular evolution in the last century, with a large number of international conventions signed, adopted community directives, and established organizations bearing witness to this progress. Despite this recognition, the field of ‘intellectual property’ is currently witnessing the most violations of rights, infringements that cause harm not only to authors or rights assignees but also to the industry and trade in general and, indirectly, to the economies of states.

From where it stands, the state is an eternal creditor of its taxpayers, and rarely finds itself in the position of debtor. As a general rule, the obligation to pay certain sums of money to the budget is established by law, and once it has been established, it is identified by tax debt certificates, which are also issued under public authority.

Our team specializes in public procurement, providing a wide range of consulting, negotiation, legal assistance, and representation services related to litigious issues arising from the execution of public procurement contracts and concession agreements, among others.

The execution, modification, suspension, or termination of employment contracts can lead to employment disputes. Resolving labor conflicts can occur either by mutual agreement, through mediation, or with the involvement of the courts.

The consultancy activities related to commercial companies are diverse and cover the entire legal ‘life,’ from establishment to potential insolvency prevention and insolvency procedures.

Assistance and representation of the parties in the criminal proceedings before the law enforcement authorities and in front of the courts constitute activities where the presence of a lawyer is essential to ensure the right to defense.