Fields of practice

Real estate rights and obligations of professionals

Professionalism, loyalty, and consistency. Every legal issue is important to us, whether we assist our clients in negotiation procedures or represent them in disputes related to property rights and its divisions, or in connection with obligations arising from contracts.


  • analysis of the validity of various property titles;
  • assisting/representing clients before notaries public in operations related to the transfer of property rights and/or in connection with the transfer or establishment of any dismemberments on property rights;
  • carrying out fiduciary activities, including acting as trustees;
  • assistance/representation before the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration;
  • drafting of requests to ensure correct property advertising;
  • drafting contracts related to the activities of professionals;
  • assisting clients in negotiating and signing contracts;
  • legal assistance and representation in litigation.


Lawyers specializing in Real estate rights and obligations of professionals: