Fields of practice

Fiscal and tax litigation

From where it stands, the state is an eternal creditor of its taxpayers, and rarely finds itself in the position of debtor. As a general rule, the obligation to pay certain sums of money to the budget is established by law, and once it has been established, it is identified by tax debt certificates, which are also issued under public authority.


  • assisting taxpayers in any tax inspection procedure conducted by tax authorities;
  • assisting the taxpayer in the final discussion procedure with the tax authorities;
  • preparing an appeal against tax administrative acts;
  • assisting/representing the taxpayer in the oral defense procedure of the appeal;
  • assistance/representation before the courts in contentious appeal proceedings;
  • legal consultancy regarding the deductibility of VAT in relation to specific taxable transactions;
  • legal assistance and representation in administrative and tax litigation disputes

Lawyers specializing in Fiscal and tax litigation: