Fields of practice

Commercial and insolvency

The consultancy activities related to commercial companies are diverse and cover the entire legal ‘life,’ from establishment to potential insolvency prevention and insolvency procedures.


  • legal assistance in the establishment of companies in one of the regulatory forms under Law no. 31/1990 on companies;
  • assistance/representation for the imposition of different forms of liability regulated by Law no. 31/1990 on companies;
  • assisting shareholders/partners or administrators during general meetings of the company;
  • legal assistance for the increase or reduction of the share capital;
  • assisting companies in merger or division operations.
  • formulating requests for the initiation of insolvency proceedings by eligible debtors or creditors, filing claims for inclusion in the creditors’ table;
  • legal assistance and representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings by participating in creditors’ meetings, filing objections to the creditors’ table, challenging measures taken by the insolvency administrator, annulling fraudulent acts concluded by the debtor, holding members of the management liable who contributed to the debtor’s insolvency;
  • consultancy, legal assistance, and representation of debtors in the mandate ad-hoc and preventive concordat procedures;

Lawyers specializing in Commercial and insolvency: